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PBC News & Comment: At 5% Approval, How Low Can Congress Go??

Poll shows Congress at all-time low, as Supreme Court appears poised to allow rich mofos to give even more campaign money…..Click here for GoDaddy deal that benefits the PBC Podcast!

–Washington gridlock and dysfunction are directly linked to corruption in political funding, as Supreme Court hears oral arguments in case that could eliminate the cap on an individual’s total contributions

–named to replace Fed Chair Ben Bernanke, Janet Yellin is female, more liberal, and NOT Larry Summers….but she is not an agent of change, either

Wall Street Journal reports at least a dozen meltdowns at NSA’s massive server farm in Bluffdale, Utah will delay start of operations;  but insiders tell PBC that Bluffdale is already in operational mode

–Ohio’s “incremental strategy” places many restrictions on abortion and access without trying to make it illegal

–more fallout from last weekend’s raid in Libya, as US claims “tacit” approval from the Libyan government

–US cuts off some aid to Egypt’s military dictatorship, but still can’t call the July 3 coup a “coup”

–Steve Horn reports that former Obama communications director Anita Dunn is working for TransCanada, builder of Keystone XL

–Obama cancelled Asian trip, but Bali Summit on Trans Pacific Partnership hits snags

–North Korea restarts a nuclear reactor