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PBC News & Comment: At 5% Approval, How Low Can Congress Go??

Poll shows Congress at all-time low, as Supreme Court appears poised to allow rich mofos to give even more campaign money.....Click here for GoDaddy deal that benefits the PBC Podcast!

--Washington gridlock and dysfunction are directly linked to corruption in political funding, as Supreme Court hears oral arguments in case that could eliminate the cap on an individual's total contributions

--named to replace Fed Chair Ben Bernanke, Janet Yellin is female, more liberal, and NOT Larry Summers....but she is not an agent of change, either

--Wall Street Journal reports at least a dozen meltdowns at NSA's massive server farm in Bluffdale, Utah will delay start of operations;  but insiders tell PBC that Bluffdale is already in operational mode

--Ohio's "incremental strategy" places many restrictions on abortion and access without trying to make it illegal

--more fallout from last weekend's raid in Libya, as US claims "tacit" approval from the Libyan government

--US cuts off some aid to Egypt's military dictatorship, but still can't call the July 3 coup a "coup"

--Steve Horn reports that former Obama communications director Anita Dunn is working for TransCanada, builder of Keystone XL

--Obama cancelled Asian trip, but Bali Summit on Trans Pacific Partnership hits snags

--North Korea restarts a nuclear reactor