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PBC News & Comment: GOP Signals Debt Ceiling Deal, Could Be a Trap

GOP makes noises about deal on debt ceiling, but not government shutdown--will Obama offer up another bad "grand bargain"?....Click here for GoDaddy deal that benefits the PBC podcast!

--does the GOP shutdown amount to a "seditious conspiracy"?  Listen to the definitions in the law

--Rep. Sensenbrenner's remorse over Patriot Act leads to a package of reforms for NSA;  it's better than Feinstein's "fig leaf" approach, but still needs strengthening

--Glenn Greenwald uses report from journalist group to skewer Obama as the worst since Nixon on First Amendment rights

--Ed Snowden gets some cool visitors in Moscow:  Ray McGovern, Tom Drake, Coleen Rowley and Jesselyn Radack; his dad has shown up, too

--NSA whistleblower Russ Tice warns that smart phones were designed to give NSA full access to their contents

--Goldman Sachs beats Fed's bank examiner over conflict of interest policty, examiner gets fired

--in Britain, Barclays Bank is ordered by US energy commission to pay fines and refunds to California electric customers

--in Detroit, ex-mayor Kwame Kilpatrick gets 28 years in the big house

--as other states reduce access to abortion, California is expanding it

--California hearings on long term solitary confinement produce stark testimony, possible changes

--in Washington, protesters of Trans Pacific Partnership scale building with US Trade Office and post banners

--John Lennon would have been 73 today; Imagine if he were still with us!