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PBC News & Comment: GOP Signals Debt Ceiling Deal, Could Be a Trap

GOP makes noises about deal on debt ceiling, but not government shutdown–will Obama offer up another bad “grand bargain”?….Click here for GoDaddy deal that benefits the PBC podcast!

–does the GOP shutdown amount to a “seditious conspiracy”?  Listen to the definitions in the law

–Rep. Sensenbrenner’s remorse over Patriot Act leads to a package of reforms for NSA;  it’s better than Feinstein’s “fig leaf” approach, but still needs strengthening

–Glenn Greenwald uses report from journalist group to skewer Obama as the worst since Nixon on First Amendment rights

–Ed Snowden gets some cool visitors in Moscow:  Ray McGovern, Tom Drake, Coleen Rowley and Jesselyn Radack; his dad has shown up, too

–NSA whistleblower Russ Tice warns that smart phones were designed to give NSA full access to their contents

–Goldman Sachs beats Fed’s bank examiner over conflict of interest policty, examiner gets fired

–in Britain, Barclays Bank is ordered by US energy commission to pay fines and refunds to California electric customers

–in Detroit, ex-mayor Kwame Kilpatrick gets 28 years in the big house

–as other states reduce access to abortion, California is expanding it

–California hearings on long term solitary confinement produce stark testimony, possible changes

–in Washington, protesters of Trans Pacific Partnership scale building with US Trade Office and post banners

–John Lennon would have been 73 today; Imagine if he were still with us!