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PBC News & Comment: News! More Ways They Can Track Your Smartphone!

After yesterday’s warning from NSA whistleblower Russ Tice about smartphones, we learn about new ways web giants, government track us…Click here for GoDaddy deal that benefits the PBC Podcast!

–James Temple adds new warnings about cell phone tracking in this important report

–CIA reveals negative personnel report on Ed Snowden 4 years ago

–Ray McGovern promises a report soon on his Moscow visit with Snowden

–Hillary Clinton wants “an adult conversation” about spying, she tells British audience

NY Times asks some of the questions about the Malala PR blitz, and Pakistani blogger Dr. Shad challenged the Malala story over a year ago

–investigative reporter Gareth Porter shows there is no evidence to support Israel’s claim that Iran is developing ICBM’s that could reach US

–Steve Horn breaks the news of major tar sands spill in N. Dakota

–KCET and Truthout report new offshore fracking permits for Santa Barbara area

–DC struggle over shutdown continues

–NJ judge rejects Gov. Christie’s delay tactics, orders immediate start to same sex marriage

–California Gov. Jerry Brown just signed a bad bill on voting machines, warns Brad Friedman at Bradblog

–Gov. Moonbeam vetoes stronger assault weapons ban, but signs a number of new gun restrictions into law, including ban on lead bullets

–your humble host gets a valentine from Denmark