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PBC News & Comment: From LAX to Pakistan, It’s “Day of the Dead”

Grateful Dead opens on Dia de los Muertos:  TSA officer killed at LAX , US drone  kills Taliban leader Mehsud, again...Click here for GoDaddy deal that benefits the PBC Podcast!

No news on Roger Shuler, who remains jailed in Alabama.  Write to him c/o Shelby County Jail, 380 McDow Rd., Columbiana AL  35051

--Sen. Feinstein passes NSA "reform" bill that legalizes bulk collection of phone records, adds penalties for whistleblowers

--Britain's Guardian reports that European governments coordinate their own electronic surveillance programs

--internet giants like Google, Yahoo and Facebook seem genuinely outraged at latest NSA data center spying, enhance their encryption

--Ed Snowden asks for clemency in eloquent appeal

--activist appeals court not only yanks judge from NYC's stop-n-frisk case, but puts her rulings on hold

--another activist appeals court, in New Orleans, reactivates most parts of unconstitutional Texas anti-abortion law

--Iraq's Maliki speaks at US Institute for Peace, where he demanded more weapons to kill Sunnis

--in rare move, Oracle shareholders rejected lavish pay package for billionaire CEO Larry Ellison