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PBC News & Comment: Ed Snowden Asks for Clemency, DC Shows “No Mercy”

“No Mercy” by The Stranglers describes Beltway response to Ed Snowden’s eloquent appeal for clemency as Germans propose asylum deal….Click here for GoDaddy deal that benefits the PBC Podcast!

NY Times recaps NSA revelations, listing code names like Dishfire, Spinaltap and focusing on targets obviously unrelated to terrorism

–Jason Leopold FOIA’d the NSA’s top 10 talking points, and reports that half relate to 9/11

–humorless NSA whacks Minnesota seller of spoof NSA merchandise

–Brazil is exposed for spying on foreign targets in Brazil

–journalist Roger Shuler remains in jail, as well-funded opponents use paid search and phony websites to smear him

–International study confirms that doctors were compromised by CIA and Pentagon to participate in torture

–Dem. Senators Gillibrand (NY) and McCaskill (MO) are split on fix for rape in the military–Gillibrand has the right idea

–in rare move for Wall Street firm, SAC Capital pleads guilty to insider trading, will pay fine over $1 billion

–federal appeals court intervenes, causing thousands of Texas women to be denied access to abortion

–a different federal appeals court says the owners of a company can impose their religious beliefs on employees by denying contraceptive coverage, but declines to protect the company

–Koch-funded Americans for Prosperity is spending money in council election in 20,000 population town