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PBC News & Comment: 12 Years of Lawless Injustice at Guantanamo

No end in sight for Guantanamo Bay prison that symbolizes the absolute worst about America and helps create new enemies…..Click here for GoDaddy deal that benefits the PBC Podcast!

–former Gitmo chief prosecutor Morris Davis notes that about the only way out is to get convicted;  Aussie David Hicks, who pled guilty in 2007, is now appealing his conviction

–in Alabama, Roger Shuler marks 3 weeks of unlawful detention, as Supreme Court hears oral arguments on illegal search case

–Palestinian negotiators quit peace talks over Israeli settlement plans

–Iranian minister tweets at John Kerry over blame for roadblocks in nuclear talks

–Gareth Porter reports that French minister changed his stance after Israel threatened an attack on Iran

–with crowdsourced encouragement, WikiLeaks publishes draft Intellectual Property chapter from Trans Pacific Partnership as Congress grows wary of the secretly-negotiated deal

–UN Human Rights Commission is now packed with human rights violators

–report by Inspector General for Afghanistan show millions of dollars flowing through contractors to enemy groups

–Addicted to Secrecy:  Russ Tice, NSA whistleblower, updates new 40-year classification at Pentagon, and says he can’t talk about his old job until he is 125

–Supreme Court rejects Oklahoma’s punitive abortion restrictions as Dems in DC consider federal laws to nullify bad state laws limiting access to abortion

–proposed Farm Bill has federal pre-emption clauses that could nullify state laws on treatment of chickens and other animals