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Investigative Report Beau Hodai Exposes “OpenMIND” Web Surveillance Program by “Homeland Security”

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Dogged journalist Beau Hodai continues to probe our new domestic police state agencies, their “public-private” partnerships with corporate interests, and exposes OpenMIND software that “harvests” your information from Facebook and other sites.  Skinhead Willi of Hillsville, Virginia just subscribed for a year….how ’bout you?

Beau Hodai just published two blockbuster reports on domestic security operations that expose many troubling issues with “Homeland Security” and its many allied agencies from the local to the national level.  You can read his reports here, and I urge you to support his independent journalism.  Be ready for alphabet soup!

Hodai bases his reporting on public records and FOIA disclosures, and in this conversation we start with his exclosures of OpenMIND, a web crawler used by domestic intelligence agencies that use it to collect “open source intelligence” which they re-define to cover anything they can scoop up from the internet, even from password protected pages.  We discuss the compromises of rights and privacy, whether the information is analysed by robots or humans–especially when applied to “predictive policing”–which refers to efforts to prevent crimes by assembling clues to plans and motives.  OpenMIND includes filters named Harvester and Investigator, and Hodai explains what he has learned despite heavy redactions to the documents.

Hodai also explains the Domestic Security Alliance Council, which connects corporate executives and security chiefs with vertically-integrated law enforcement and surveillance units.  29 corporations, including all the major banks, are involved with DSAC, and many of them are contractors who a profiting from our expanded, outsourced police agencies.  We focus on Dawn Scalici, 30 year CIA veteran who is also a top manager at Homeland Security’s intelligence arm, and others with long histories at CIA, DIA and the more recent Director of National Intelligence.

Near the close, we talk about hacktivist Jeremy Hammond’s statement at sentencing and his call for accountability for illegal government activities.