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PBC News & Comment: Marriage Equality Started in San Francisco 10 Years Ago

10 years ago this week, then-Mayor Gavin Newsom took huge political risk and permitted same sex marriage, available soon in Virginia….Click here for free audiobook download from Audible, and generate a $15 payment to support this podcast!

–that uber-liberal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals just invalidated California restrictions on concealed weapons permits

–important union vote underway in Chattanooga, as workers vote on UAW representation, supported by VW management;  Obama slams opponents, like Sen. Bob Corker, who may have broken the law in this threats to workers

–VP Biden tells House Dems that White House knows it won’t get fast track approval of Trans Pacific Partnership deal

–Obama’s largely symbolic increase in minimum wage for some federal contract workers draws opposition from phony think tank run by DC ad/PR guy, Richard Berman

–Obama visits Fresno to address California’s drought, hopes to link it to climate change

–feds approve 3 new fracking sites off California coast

–new study in journal Science says methane leaks from natural gas wells are much more than reported

–over objections from defense lawyers, judge sets trial for Nov. 3 in death penalty case of accused Boston Marathon bomber

–federal judge fires his overseer of troubled Oakland police department