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PBC News & Comment: Netanyahu Manipulated Info About Kidnapped Israeli Teens

As Israel pounds Gaza, Max Blumenthal reveals that Netanyahu concealed truth about dead teens while rounding up hundreds of innocent Palestinians….

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–Israel steps up attacks on Gaza
–Max Blumenthal reveals Netanyahu’s manipulation of the story of the 3 missing Israeli teens
–listener Edie B from Atlanta sent video from Gaza bombing raid on Sunday
–Peter van Buren comments on the Iraq civil war and NeoCon calls for new US military action
–White House spins and struggles to explain German double agent
–DARPA has been studying social media since 2011, looking to insert and combat propaganda
–Obama ups funding request to $3.7 billion for immigration influx
–Bush signed 2008 law that gives greater protections to the wave of immigrant children
–Senate passes NRA bill with 82 votes
–listener Brian Masi comments on Hobby Lobby decision