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PBC News & Comment: Greenwald’s Underwhelming Story is Published After Delay

Greenwald’s promise to “name names” of surveillance target is finally published, names only 5 Muslim Americans targeted under Bush administration….

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–Greenwald finally publishes delayed article, names 5 Muslim-Americans who were targeted under Bush
–Snowden docs include racial smears on Muslims, White House says “unacceptable”
–in Amy Goodman interview, Julian Assange raises important questions about Greenwald and Omidyar
–US/German spy flap expands to second possible double agent, Obama was not informed by CIA
–Snowden asks Russia to extend asylum
–UN asks US to extend asylum status to young immigrants, Sarah Palin calls for Obama’s impeachment
–Israel signals intention to expand war on Gaza, Hamas seems ready to fight on
–new crisis at Fukushima, as cooling system shutdown may cause meltdown
–Consumer Watchdog sues Anthem Blue Cross for misleading Obamacare customers like your humble host, regarding doctors in network