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PBC News & Comment: Greenwald’s Underwhelming Story is Published After Delay

Greenwald's promise to "name names" of surveillance target is finally published, names only 5 Muslim Americans targeted under Bush administration....

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--Greenwald finally publishes delayed article, names 5 Muslim-Americans who were targeted under Bush
--Snowden docs include racial smears on Muslims, White House says “unacceptable”
--in Amy Goodman interview, Julian Assange raises important questions about Greenwald and Omidyar
--US/German spy flap expands to second possible double agent, Obama was not informed by CIA
--Snowden asks Russia to extend asylum
--UN asks US to extend asylum status to young immigrants, Sarah Palin calls for Obama’s impeachment
--Israel signals intention to expand war on Gaza, Hamas seems ready to fight on
--new crisis at Fukushima, as cooling system shutdown may cause meltdown
--Consumer Watchdog sues Anthem Blue Cross for misleading Obamacare customers like your humble host, regarding doctors in network