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Courageous Reporter Max Blumenthal Reveals the Lies Netanyahu Used to Justify Crackdown on Hamas

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As Israel’s assault on Gaza and Hamas continues, author and journalist Max Blumenthal returns to detail how top Israeli leaders suppressed the truth about the 3 kidnapped teens for 18 days and falsely blamed Hamas, so they could justify the brutal attacks on Hamas and Gaza.

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Blumenthal published one of the most important books of 2013, Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel. Many of the themes from the book are playing out in the present day, as Israeli propaganda whipped up emotions about the kidnapped teenagers, and Netanyahu repeatedly blamed Hamas when he knew it wasn’t true. Blumenthal details the events of June and early July, as angry Israelis tortured and killed young Palestinians in acts of revenge that were stoked by Netanyahu and others. And he joins PBC in challenging a recent report in the NY Times that treated as fact the story of Israel’s interception of a ship with rockets which Israel said were headed for Gaza. Read Blumenthal’s revealing report here.