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PBC News & Comment: In Blockbuster Editorial, NY Times says “Legalize It”!

In detailed, highly visible editorial displays, NY Times calls for federal legalization of marijuana;  PBC notes Obama has the power…

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–George “slam dunk” Tenet leads effort to scrub Senate report on CIA torture, with Obama’s enabling

–Andy Worthington in Al Jazeera offers new evidence that US used Britain’s Diego Garcia as black site, despite denials

–after uneven weekend cease-fire, Gaza war rages on with more children killed

–we read a free verse description of the “warnings” Israel gives to Palestinians before blowing up a home

–Israel’s propaganda campaign being run by its US ambassador Ron Dermer, a protégé of spinmeister Frank Luntz

–great source of news on Gaza war is MondoWeiss, which affirms that Hamas did not order kidnap of 2 Israeli teens

–US evacuates embassy staff from Libya, but nobody asks if it was smart to depose Qaddafi

–US plans to help Ukraine shoot down missiles from separatists and Russia, a dangerous move

–in alarming ruling, federal judge permits open carry of guns in Washington, DC

–Obama makes strong comments about blocking corporate tax inversions, but he doesn’t need Congress to fix it

–Don Siegelman’s appeal hearing delayed to October, as his wife fights to keep their home.  Can you help?  Send a check to Lori Siegelman, PO Box 430116, Birmingham, AL  35243

–new subscriber Jerry Fresia emails from Italy