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PBC News & Comment: In Blockbuster Editorial, NY Times says “Legalize It”!

In detailed, highly visible editorial displays, NY Times calls for federal legalization of marijuana;  PBC notes Obama has the power...

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--George “slam dunk” Tenet leads effort to scrub Senate report on CIA torture, with Obama’s enabling

--Andy Worthington in Al Jazeera offers new evidence that US used Britain’s Diego Garcia as black site, despite denials

--after uneven weekend cease-fire, Gaza war rages on with more children killed

--we read a free verse description of the “warnings” Israel gives to Palestinians before blowing up a home

--Israel’s propaganda campaign being run by its US ambassador Ron Dermer, a protégé of spinmeister Frank Luntz

--great source of news on Gaza war is MondoWeiss, which affirms that Hamas did not order kidnap of 2 Israeli teens

--US evacuates embassy staff from Libya, but nobody asks if it was smart to depose Qaddafi

--US plans to help Ukraine shoot down missiles from separatists and Russia, a dangerous move

--in alarming ruling, federal judge permits open carry of guns in Washington, DC

--Obama makes strong comments about blocking corporate tax inversions, but he doesn’t need Congress to fix it

--Don Siegelman’s appeal hearing delayed to October, as his wife fights to keep their home.  Can you help?  Send a check to Lori Siegelman, PO Box 430116, Birmingham, AL  35243

--new subscriber Jerry Fresia emails from Italy