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PBC News & Comment: NBC Censors Its Coverage of Israeli Attack on Gaza Hospital

As Israel tried to shift blame to Hamas for deadly hospital attack, NBC reported the truth, then re-wrote the story.....

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--NBC censors its coverage of Israeli attack on Gaza hospital, exposed by FireDogLake

--Joe Lauria comments on Frank Luntz handbook that guides Israeli propaganda

--Gaza power plant hit, more Palestinians killed

--US, Israeli leaders trade barbs over Kerry’s diplomacy

--in China, police kill at least 24 Uighurs protesting on Eid

--in Phillippines, Abu Sayyef gunmen kill 21

--as Islamic State fighters tried to blow up Muslim shrine in Mosul, protesters form human shield to stop them

--at Gitmo, Ramzi Binalshibh gets separate trial

--updates from our national surveillance state:

--Sen. Leahy’s NSA reform bill is better than House version, but still only addresses metadata abuses

--Lee Fang at VICE shows that FISA judges invest in Verizon, the company they order to cough up metadata

--Greenwald’s latest exposes US support for Saudi repression of its citizens

--Kansas City is a prime target for terrorist attacks?

--reaction to open carry trend from Dr. Justin Frank's blog,  and some topless women in Austin