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PBC News & Comment: U2’s Bono Apologizes to iTunes Users, and Many Important Stories, Too!

Bono's apology, plus exposure of possible corruption at top of NSA, Stingray deployed in Washington, DC--lots to report today.....

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--U2’s Bono apologizes for jamming free album on iTunes users
--No Ebola here….with massive, hysterical corporate media coverage, we’ll focus on other important stories here
--Buzzfeed reports on NSA officials with conflicting businesses
--NSA whistleblower Russ Tice comments
--Jason Leopold at Vice reports Washington DC is using Stingray cellphone surveillance dragnet
--US general running war on IS focuses on Iraq and training Iraqi forces, again
--Pentagon admits we have no credible partner in Syria
--at Common Dreams, Sarah Lazare says legal basis for Obama’s war in Iraq and Syria is “preposterous
--Norman Solomon on Processing Distortion, on the “lethal mush” of Obama’s Syria strategy
--Solomon and Marcy Wheeler co-wrote great recap of James Risen case for The Nation
--Judge agrees to delay of release of Gitmo force feeding videos at request of “Justice” Dept.
--Hunter Biden was booted from Navy after flunking cocaine test, but media ignores his job with Ukraine’s biggest gas firm
--SF Giants win pennant, 25 years since Loma Prieta quake