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PBC News & Comment: In Pre-Dawn Action, Supreme Court Reinstates Texas Photo ID Law

With strong dissent from Justice Ginsberg, Supreme Court lifts injunction, restrictive Texas voter ID law is in effect this November…

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–In unusual announcement Saturday at 5am, Supreme Court ignores its own precedents, reinstates Texas Photo ID law
–read conservative judge Richard Posner’s devastating dissent on photo ID laws here
–no pro-democracy protests in US, but Hong Kong protesters continue despite rioting by riot police
–Beijing directs response to protests from nearby Shenzen
–NSA’s top tech guy is moonlighting 20 hours a week for former boss Keith Alexander’s company
–Bloomberg News discloses how Chicago uses Stingray cell phone tracking system, on heels of DC report last week
–in federal court in San Francisco, ObamaCo fights to keep FBI “suspicious activities lists”, after ACLU challenge
–Obama’s ban on torture is undermined by vague position on torture overseas
–in major reversal, Turkey says is will support Kurdish fighters in Kobani
–corruption scandal in Turkey, sparked by Gulen, sees charges dropped by hand-picked prosecutors
–faux “unity government” in Iraq names key ministers
–IS attacks Shiite shrines in Karbala, keeps pressure on Baghdad as US admits Anbar is almost totally controlled by IS
–former CIA and Pentagon chief Leon Panetta delivers hawkish message on book tour in California The best local interview was by Michael Krasny on KQED