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PBC News & Comment: Super-Secret Stingray Surveillance System isn’t Secret in Charlotte Anymore

Charlotte’s Observer exposes use of Stingray cellphone dragnet system, not limited to terrorism cases as local officials thought…..
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exposure of Stingray cellphone surveillance system widens, today it’s Charlotte, NC
–Hong Kong protesters meet #2 leader in polite televised debate
–North Korea releases one of three American prisoners
–oops, US airdrop to Kurds in Kobani may have been partly diverted to IS
–in Ukraine, government accused of using cluster bombs, and they accuse Russian-backed rebels
–rebuliding of Gaza begins with sharp restrictions on materials imposed by Israel
–accused leader of Benghazi attack enters not guilty plea
–New York protesters call on Metropolitan Opera to cancel “Death of Klinghoffer”
–in Pennsylvania, hamfisted effort to silence Mumia Abu Jamal is part of election campaign