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Outspoken Katha Pollitt Stands Up for Abortion Rights with Her New Book, “Pro”

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Columnist and author Katha Pollitt dropped by the secret studio for this in-depth interview about the renewed struggle over abortion rights and birth control.

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Pollitt’s new book is Pro: Reclaiming Abortion Rights and she is a columnist for The Nation. We open with commentary on Hillary Clinton’s line that abortion should be “safe, legal and rare”, which plays into the language and framing of anti-abortion voices. Pollitt is unapologetic in her advocacy for women’s rights, and my studio dog Chloee pipes up in agreement several times. Using rational thinking, Pollitt takes on the myths advanced by opponents, ignorant males from Rush Limbaugh to Catholic bishops, and the language used to confuse people about the real issues.

Pollitt makes a strong case that abortion rights are not only important to women of child-bearing age, but they underpin many of the freedoms and advances won by women over the last 40 years. In the course of our hour-long dialogue, she refutes many of the misguided, misinformed talking points of the anti-choice movements.