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Ray McGovern Recounts Being Barred from Petraeus Event, Suspects Surveillance

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Former CIA analyst Ray McGovern shares his account of being denied entry to a New York event where David Petraeus was speaking, as he was arrested and roughed up by police, and suspects the spooks were alerted by intercepted email.

McGovern recently published this article about the October 30 incident. In his own humorous way, he describes this violation of his First Amendment rights to assembly and speech. Since the security guard who denied entry to McGovern knew him by his first name, he suspects that his email to a friend at Catholic Worker was intercepted. This leads to a discussion of Ed Snowden’s disclosures, the pervasive nature of government surveillance and infiltration of peace groups, and the new movie about Snowden, Citizenfour. We talk about the pluses and minuses of the film, and hear Ed Snowden’s reaction, too. We discuss how the failed “surge” in Iraq is the source of the ethnic conflict driven by the Islamic State. McGovern ends with a strong call for action, and he’s talkin’ to you!