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PBC News & Comment: Obama Makes Strong Stand for Net Neutrality–Why Did He Wait?

–In his strongest statement to date, President Obama declares support for net neutrality, common carrier status….why did he wait?….

–Kevin Zeese and Popular Resistance blockade house of FCC chair Tom Wheeler over net neutrality
–at summit in Beijing, Obama calls for restraint toward Hong Kong protesters, promotes bogus Trans Pacific Partnership
Van Buren
–Rolling Stone publishes excellent investigative story by Matt Taibbi about the $9 billion deal that allowed Chase to escape criminal prosecution over toxic mortgages
–Obama names Loretta Lynch Attorney General—she did not prosecute any Wall Street criminals as NY US Attorney
–Iraqi sources claim US airstrikes injured IS leader al-Baghdadi
–Britain’s Daily Mail reports on “secret” commando raid will attempt to kill “Jihadi John”, infamous from beheading videos
–Peter van Buren gives honest, downbeat assessment of the war on IS at TomDispatch
–new episodes of violence in Israel, West Bank
–Detroit jury convicts Palestinian immigrant for lying on immigration forms
–at Vice News, Jason Leopold compares Bush and Obama on Guantanamo
–Bay Area media ranks story of baby gorilla killed at SF Zoo over more important stories about humans