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PBC News & Comment: Obama Makes Strong Stand for Net Neutrality–Why Did He Wait?

--In his strongest statement to date, President Obama declares support for net neutrality, common carrier status….why did he wait?....

--Kevin Zeese and Popular Resistance blockade house of FCC chair Tom Wheeler over net neutrality
--at summit in Beijing, Obama calls for restraint toward Hong Kong protesters, promotes bogus Trans Pacific Partnership
Van Buren
--Rolling Stone publishes excellent investigative story by Matt Taibbi about the $9 billion deal that allowed Chase to escape criminal prosecution over toxic mortgages
--Obama names Loretta Lynch Attorney General—she did not prosecute any Wall Street criminals as NY US Attorney
--Iraqi sources claim US airstrikes injured IS leader al-Baghdadi
--Britain’s Daily Mail reports on “secret” commando raid will attempt to kill “Jihadi John”, infamous from beheading videos
--Peter van Buren gives honest, downbeat assessment of the war on IS at TomDispatch
--new episodes of violence in Israel, West Bank
--Detroit jury convicts Palestinian immigrant for lying on immigration forms
--at Vice News, Jason Leopold compares Bush and Obama on Guantanamo
--Bay Area media ranks story of baby gorilla killed at SF Zoo over more important stories about humans