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PBC News & Comment: Feinstein Torture Review is Finally Published

After 2 years of obstruction by CIA, enabled by White House, summary of Feinstein’s heavily redacted torture report is released

sorry, a local internet outage hampered my work today

–NATO ceremony marks end of Afghan war, as it continues indefinitely with only US troops

–1500 more US troops headed for Iraq

–UN reports 57 million displaced people, billions needed for humanitarian aid

–in effort to stave off international war crimes charges, Israel launches criminal investigations into incident from last summer while clearing itself in many cases

–Sunday’s NY Times ran lengthy expose on GOP attorneys general who do the bidding of energy lobbyists who draft letters to EPA for them

–ObamaCo responds to Ferguson and Staten Island with new racial profiling rules that include big exceptions for borders and “national security”

–in 7 states, atheists are second class citizens

–Ready for Hillary releases country music video aimed at white conservatives; you can see it here