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PBC News & Comment: Lies & Deception Revealed by Senate Torture Review Compounded by Enablers, Defenders

Senate torture review is limited-hang-out, but sparks calls for prosecution, and purging the torture team from CIA, other agencies…..

--report confirms that CIA used bribes, deception to run torture programs, and asserts that Bush and other top officials were kept in the dark

--Sen. Mark Udall (D-CO) calls on Obama to “purge his administration of high level officials” complicit in torture

--Feinstein deserves some credit for forcing this partial disclosure, but she should have known most of what CIA was foing, did not try to stop it

--deniability was evident in CIA emails, and in actions of Congressional leaders and the Bush White House

--neener neener—North Korea demands UN investigations of US torture

--management of torture was outsourced to Bruce Jessen and James Mitchell, who were paid more than $80 million

--Jason Leopold reports that over $300 million was spent, much on bribes

--Feinstein pointedly accuses Michael Hayden of lying to her

--ex-CIA top spooks have website to deny Senate claims

--Obama dances around the debate over claims that torture produced usable intelligence, and calls for prosecution of CIA and BushCo

--while CIA defenders claim that report is flawed because they didn’t interview the torturers, they didn’t interview any victims, either

--National Law Journal notes that Leopold’s FOIA and an ACLU suit are stil pending

--ACLU director Anthony Romero reluctantly calls for presidential pardons, as the only way to establish that crimes were committed.