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PBC News & Comment: Dems Fight GOP Sneak Attacks in Must-Pass Spending Package

Brinksmanship, backroom deals, delay tactics, and DeLay’s tactics in budget vote, stark preview of GOP muscle in next Congress....

--modest NSA reforms were secretly deleted from final spending bill

--remarkable, lengthy story in The Guardian reveals that US-run prisons in Iraq were the “factory” where IS was formed—17 of 25 top dogs in IS are former prisoners

--Under fire to resign, CIA director Brennan offers lame excuses, denials

--Obama praises Brennan, resists calls for a purge

--report reveals that after 9/11 CIA initially planned legal, ethical prisons for terrorism suspects, but not for long

--bleak editorial in NY Times predicts no more disclosures

--Brazil issues report on torture and abuses from 1964-85

--at al Jazeera, Naureen Khan asks “will drone warfare” be the next “stain on our values?

--international law expert Richard Falk comments on drones and the killing of Awlaki, from our Processing Distortion podcast

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