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PBC News & Comment: Majority of Americans Think Torture is Justified

We’re awesome and exceptional! New national poll shows majority of Americans think torture is OK, and that it works….

–Washington Post-ABC News poll shows 59% approve brutal CIA interrogations, and most of those believe they produced valuable intelligence

–Jason Leopold of VICE news comments on Senate torture report and his scoops with CIA consultant James Mitchell

–more info on 26 (and more) innocent men who were held and tortured by CIA

–another poll that shows that a majority now supports gun rights over gun control

–at least 145 dead in attack on school in Pakistan

–in Syria’s free-for-all, rebel fighters (not from Islamic State) capture 2 key bases near Idlib from Assad forces

–Palestinians push for UN vote to end Israeli occupation

–NY Times reports Obama will sign bill with new sanctions for Russia, despite concerns; and that it passed House “unanimously”

–former Congressman Dennis Kucinich reveals that only 3 members participated in that “unanimous” vote

–Nick Merrill is still fighting FBI gag order from National Security Letter

–FOIA action produces FISA court decisions, showing rift over broad surveillance programs

–Pope Francis eases up on uppity nuns, and scolds US over treatment of prisoners

–RootsAction leads petition calling for independence from Bush, Clinton families