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PBC News & Comment: Majority of Americans Think Torture is Justified

We’re awesome and exceptional! New national poll shows majority of Americans think torture is OK, and that it works….

--Washington Post-ABC News poll shows 59% approve brutal CIA interrogations, and most of those believe they produced valuable intelligence

--Jason Leopold of VICE news comments on Senate torture report and his scoops with CIA consultant James Mitchell

--more info on 26 (and more) innocent men who were held and tortured by CIA

--another poll that shows that a majority now supports gun rights over gun control

--at least 145 dead in attack on school in Pakistan

--in Syria’s free-for-all, rebel fighters (not from Islamic State) capture 2 key bases near Idlib from Assad forces

--Palestinians push for UN vote to end Israeli occupation

--NY Times reports Obama will sign bill with new sanctions for Russia, despite concerns; and that it passed House “unanimously”

--former Congressman Dennis Kucinich reveals that only 3 members participated in that “unanimous” vote

--Nick Merrill is still fighting FBI gag order from National Security Letter

--FOIA action produces FISA court decisions, showing rift over broad surveillance programs

--Pope Francis eases up on uppity nuns, and scolds US over treatment of prisoners

--RootsAction leads petition calling for independence from Bush, Clinton families