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PBC News & Comment: Der Speigel Reveals Massive US Cyber Offense Schemes

As Obama talks cyber defense in State of Union, Der Speigel reveals NSA’s massive, offensive cyberwarfare schemes, from Snowden files….


Read the German report here

–Turkey busts wiretap operation it blames on Gulen supporters

–Turkey and Israel trade angry insults on war crimes charges

–Israeli attack in Syria near Golan Heights kills Hezbollah leader and Iranian general, risking major escalation in the region

–US-backed Yemen government faces imminent coup

–Supreme Court appears to stop dodging full ruling on marriage equality, accepts cases and will rule by end of June

–at VICE, Jason Leopold reports that British PM Cameron got qualified agreement from Obama to release Shaker Aamer

–Obama will deliver State of Union address, an increasingly meaningless ritual

–slow, difficult jury selection in Boston bombing and Aurora Batman shooting show the venue changes should’ve been granted