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PBC News & Comment: CIA, New GOP Leaders Work to Squelch “Panetta Review” of Torture

CIA continues efforts to 86 “Panetta Review” of torture, as new GOP Intel chair attempts to retrieve Feinstein report copies….

--new book Guantanamo Diary by prisoner Mohamedou Slahi reveals more torture and stupid interrogator tricks

--Yemen’s American-backed president is trapped in his residence as Houthi fighters are on verge of full coup

--Netanyahu responds to Palestinian knife attacks with thundering, paranoid finger pointing at all Muslims, GOP leaders invite him to address Congress in February

--in full spin mode, Obama’s State of the Union skirts most foreign conflicts—no mention of Yemen’s imminent implosion—but asks for war powers vote on Syria

--as Republicans and ConservaDems press for Keystone approval, Poplar pipeline spews 50,000 gallons of crude into Yellowstone River

--marking 5 years since Citizens United, protesters disrupt Supreme court session

--Britain’s GCHQ monitors emails of journalists, describes them as threats on par with hackers and terrorists

--“Justice” Dept. pays $134,000 to woman whose photos were used by DEA for fake Facebook page