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PBC News & Comment: CIA, New GOP Leaders Work to Squelch “Panetta Review” of Torture

CIA continues efforts to 86 “Panetta Review” of torture, as new GOP Intel chair attempts to retrieve Feinstein report copies….

–new book Guantanamo Diary by prisoner Mohamedou Slahi reveals more torture and stupid interrogator tricks

–Yemen’s American-backed president is trapped in his residence as Houthi fighters are on verge of full coup

–Netanyahu responds to Palestinian knife attacks with thundering, paranoid finger pointing at all Muslims, GOP leaders invite him to address Congress in February

–in full spin mode, Obama’s State of the Union skirts most foreign conflicts—no mention of Yemen’s imminent implosion—but asks for war powers vote on Syria

–as Republicans and ConservaDems press for Keystone approval, Poplar pipeline spews 50,000 gallons of crude into Yellowstone River

–marking 5 years since Citizens United, protesters disrupt Supreme court session

–Britain’s GCHQ monitors emails of journalists, describes them as threats on par with hackers and terrorists

–“Justice” Dept. pays $134,000 to woman whose photos were used by DEA for fake Facebook page