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PBC News & Comment: No Coverage of Deflated Footballs Here!

--US backed government in Yemen falls to Houthi rebels after last-ditch attempt at power sharing agreement—script is similar to Ukraine coup last year

--after Boehner invites Netanyahu to address conference, White House declines to meet Bibi, citing his upcoming election

--Gitmo base commander is fired after affair and suspicious death of the husband of his mistress

--yesterday, we reported that new Senate Intel chair Richard Burr is demanding return of Feinstein report copies—Jason Leopold digs deeper at VICE

--“Justice” Dept. expected to follow release of investigators’ report with announcement of no federal charges in Michael Brown killing in Ferguson

--dashboard cam captures NJ police killing of black man with hands up

--GOP extremists push 20-week abortion limit, GOP moderates push back

--Supreme Court votes 7-2 to uphold whistleblower decision in favor of Robert McLean; my interview with MacLean exposed rifts in whistleblower community

--just before his sentencing, Barret Brown warns of the dangers of his conviction, for simply linking to hacked information

--NY Times editorial recaps the failed effort to force James Risen to testify….Risen has more balls than his bosses

--NY state Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver arrested on corruption charges