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Investigative Reporter Jason Leopold Recaps Big Stories on Fight Over Torture Report, Guantanamo Murders, more

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Jason Leopold of VICE News is back to recap his big recent stories on GOP moves to block release of torture report and Panetta review; Joseph Hickman’s account of the deaths of 3 Gitmo prisoners, and more.  Leopold’s ongoing coverage of the struggle to bury the Feinstein torture review enters a new phase, as her replacement as chair of Intelligence, Richard Burr, makes carefully calculated demand for return of all copies distributed in December.  It’s a pretty clear effort to prevent release under Freedom of Information Act.  Read it here.

We also talk about his blockbuster video interview with Hickman, the former Guantanamo guard who just published a book that includes the story of 3 prisoners who reportedly killed themselves while at a CIA black site near the prison camp.  Watch the video interview here.  And we discuss the new book by a Mauritanian man named Slahi who just published a book, Guantanamo Diary, which has remarkable disclosures despite heavy government censorship.  Read about it here.

We touch on the plight of Shaker Aamer, the lone Briton left at Gitmo, and the plea for release delivered by Prime Minister Cameron in his recent White House meeting.

And Jason responds to a question from listener Dick Atlee about his recent interview with CIA torture consultant James Mitchell.