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PBC News & Comment: Double Whammy for East Coast: Winter Storm and Offshore Drilling


As East Coast is buffeted by winter super storm, ObamaCo announces new offshore oil drilling permits for the Atlantic seabord….

–ConservaDems in Senate agree to delay new Iran sanctions bill until March 24

–Obama parachutes into Saudi Arabia for short visit, after lecturing India on religious tolerance and women’s rights, brings gaggle of American leaders

–details are vague on US-India nuclear deal announced by Obama, Modi

–fighters claiming connection to IS kill 5 in assault on hotel in Tripoli

–following exposure of Iranian plot, president asks Congress to dissolve intelligence agencies—in Argentina

–Koch brothers’ cabal pledges to spend almost a billion dollars to buy a GOP president in 2016

–LA police chief is concerned that Waze app puts cops at risk

–Santa Barbara court case prods release of thousands of documents from Boy Scout sexual abuse cases

–Jimmy McMillen, founder of Rent is Too Damn High party, is facing eviction. You can hear my interview with him here.