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PBC News & Comment: Double Whammy for East Coast: Winter Storm and Offshore Drilling


As East Coast is buffeted by winter super storm, ObamaCo announces new offshore oil drilling permits for the Atlantic seabord….

--ConservaDems in Senate agree to delay new Iran sanctions bill until March 24

--Obama parachutes into Saudi Arabia for short visit, after lecturing India on religious tolerance and women’s rights, brings gaggle of American leaders

--details are vague on US-India nuclear deal announced by Obama, Modi

--fighters claiming connection to IS kill 5 in assault on hotel in Tripoli

--following exposure of Iranian plot, president asks Congress to dissolve intelligence agencies—in Argentina

--Koch brothers’ cabal pledges to spend almost a billion dollars to buy a GOP president in 2016

--LA police chief is concerned that Waze app puts cops at risk

--Santa Barbara court case prods release of thousands of documents from Boy Scout sexual abuse cases

--Jimmy McMillen, founder of Rent is Too Damn High party, is facing eviction. You can hear my interview with him here.