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PBC News & Comment: Dem. Adam Schiff Introduces War Resolution in House

As GOP agenda is led by pandering on abortion, immigration, House Democrat Adam Schiff introduces new war resolution, long overdue….

–Jordanian government caves to Daesh in hostage showdown, agrees to exchange prisoner considered dangerous terrorist

–retaliating for recent Israeli attack that killed Iranian general and Hezbollah leader, 2 Israeli soldiers killed and Hezbollah claims responsibility

–Israeli human rights group B’Tselem accuses IDF of intentionally targeting homes in attack on Gaza in 2014

–70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz is observed, with no mention of Israel’s use of holocaust tactics on Palestinians

–Sen. Feinstein lashes out at CIA-s self-investigation of her torture review for “mistakes and omissions”

–in op-ed, UC Berkeley law professors push for prosecutions for torture, too politely

–Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch says waterboarding is torture, and she supports Obama’s actions on immigration

–NY Times uses Hillary’s talking points and cheering fro GOP to undermine possible challenge from Sen. Elizabeth Warren

–NY Times top editor Dean Baquet admits corporate media “failed to do our job” after 9/11 without explaining his own role in protecting the government

–Pope Francis intervenes in Spanish cases of sex abuse, makes violators submit to prosecution