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PBC News & Comment: The Terror We Give Is the Terror We Get

Chris Hedges provides critical context for latest hostage death in Syria “the terror we give is the terror we get”…..

–read Hedges’ commentary here

–White House confirms death of American Kayla Mueller, reportedly by a Jordanian air strike

–in NY Times, James Risen recaps the 9/11 lawsuit against Saudis that produced recent declaration from Moussaoui about funding from Saudi royals

–in excerpt from our new in-depth interview with lawyer and journalist Scott Horton talks about the “narcotic” of government secrecy

–in recent reports, reporters Jason Leopold and Conor Friedersdorf expose the fight between CIA and Senate staffers

–Sony hack leads Obama to add new cyber threat agency, says Pando

–last week, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas) said Guantanamo prisoners “can rot in hell”, revealing massive ignorance

–Gitmo hearing into government spying on legal meetings delayed as defendants object to interpreter who had worked at black sites where they were tortured

–Obama and Netanyahu trade barbs over Bibi’s plans to address Congress

–Sen. Elizabeth Warren presses for prosecutions against criminal bankers in HSBC case

–listener Hillary Blanchard sent LA Times clipping about recent spike in the amount of waste from fracking and oil drilling in California, as state orders limits on wastewater in aquifers