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PBC News & Comment: Is Jon Stewart’s Exit the “End of the World”?

Smart Americans are reeling at the news that Jon Stewart will give up his fake anchor chair later this year…

--as NBC ejects Brian Williams from his anchor chair for 6 months

--new war in Syria, Iraq is not legally authorized—White House finally sends draft bill that would approve military action without “enduring boots on the ground”

--fighting intensifies in Ukraine as world leaders meet in Belarus with low expectations for a truce

--Robert Parry slams NY Times for bias, propaganda on Ukraine, and omitting references to neo-Nazi forces fighting for Kiev

--Kiev government locks up antiwar journalist

--upstart new government in Greece begins negotiations to ease austerity

--Australia says it busted up imminent terrorist action, arm your bullshit detector

--as LGBT rights expand in most states, Kansas Gov. Brownback just eliminated anti-discrimination order placed by his Dem predecessor

--in 3rd ruling against change of venue, judge in Tsarnaev case pretends he has impartial jurors