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PBC News & Comment: Is Jon Stewart’s Exit the “End of the World”?

Smart Americans are reeling at the news that Jon Stewart will give up his fake anchor chair later this year…

–as NBC ejects Brian Williams from his anchor chair for 6 months

–new war in Syria, Iraq is not legally authorized—White House finally sends draft bill that would approve military action without “enduring boots on the ground”

–fighting intensifies in Ukraine as world leaders meet in Belarus with low expectations for a truce

–Robert Parry slams NY Times for bias, propaganda on Ukraine, and omitting references to neo-Nazi forces fighting for Kiev

–Kiev government locks up antiwar journalist

–upstart new government in Greece begins negotiations to ease austerity

–Australia says it busted up imminent terrorist action, arm your bullshit detector

–as LGBT rights expand in most states, Kansas Gov. Brownback just eliminated anti-discrimination order placed by his Dem predecessor

–in 3rd ruling against change of venue, judge in Tsarnaev case pretends he has impartial jurors