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PBC News & Comment: Obama’s Afghan War Continues, But It’s Secret

Obama quietly changes Afghan exit plan—again—as US resumes direct role in operations, including night raids

–AP story on Abdual Rauf says former Gitmo prisoners have “returned to battlefield” without noting that Gitmo may have radicalized Rauf, others

–Obama’s draft war powers bill would enable perpetual war, despite the appearance of limits, argues Yale law professor Bruce Ackerman

–after all-nighter in Belarus, leaders announce Ukraine cease-fire

–Russian network RT reports that US will start training Kiev troops in March

–as some details emerge on Kayla Mueller’s captivity in Syria, NBC joins White House to suppress reports that she was “married” to Daesh soldier

–following closure of US embassy in Yemen, Sunni fighters take control of military base, leading to brink of civil war

–Egypt releases 2 remaining al Jazeera journalists

–Rachel Corrie’s family loses appeal to Israel’s high court

–federal appeals court agrees to hear another appeal for venue change in Tsarnaev trial

–longtime CBS reporter Bob Simon dies in NYC auto crash

–one-line memo to Jon Stewart