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PBC News & Comment: Obama’s Afghan War Continues, But It’s Secret

Obama quietly changes Afghan exit plan—again—as US resumes direct role in operations, including night raids

--AP story on Abdual Rauf says former Gitmo prisoners have “returned to battlefield” without noting that Gitmo may have radicalized Rauf, others

--Obama’s draft war powers bill would enable perpetual war, despite the appearance of limits, argues Yale law professor Bruce Ackerman

--after all-nighter in Belarus, leaders announce Ukraine cease-fire

--Russian network RT reports that US will start training Kiev troops in March

--as some details emerge on Kayla Mueller’s captivity in Syria, NBC joins White House to suppress reports that she was “married” to Daesh soldier

--following closure of US embassy in Yemen, Sunni fighters take control of military base, leading to brink of civil war

--Egypt releases 2 remaining al Jazeera journalists

--Rachel Corrie’s family loses appeal to Israel’s high court

--federal appeals court agrees to hear another appeal for venue change in Tsarnaev trial

--longtime CBS reporter Bob Simon dies in NYC auto crash

--one-line memo to Jon Stewart