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PBC News & Comment: Tech Titan No-Shows at Obama’s Stanford Cyberconference

Obama visits Leland Stanford’s Farm to talk about cybersecurity, in a conference boycotted by top techies from Google, Yahoo, Facebook…

–yesterday, I slammed NY Times for “burying the lede” on Obama’s secret war in Afghanistan—they corrected it in Friday’s print edition—anyone care?

–FBI Director Comey offers candid comments about cops and race, ignores the failed drug war as major cause of tensions, mass incarceration

–Comey also made no mention of the phony “domestic terrorism” cases brought by “Justice” Dept, like Eric McDavid, who explains the role of his paid FBI informer that got him a 20-year sentence…hear the interview here 

–Oregon’s Dem Gov. Kitzhaber faces mounting calls to resign

–Congress actually did something, as Obama signs bill to reduce suicides by veterans

–grandstanding continues, as tipsy John Boehner stages meaningless “signing” ceremony for Keystone bill, which Obama should veto

–on the Hill, hawks and chickenhawks pick at Obama’s war powers proposal

–Sen. Bernie Sanders says he will boycott Netanyahu speech, an important step in separating himself from Zionist extremists

–Ebola fear in US recedes as US troops are recalled from Africa and White House czar steps down

–leadership crisis in Argentina as President Kirchner faces coverup charges following mysterious death of prosecutor

–Japan’s conservative prime minister restarted nuke plants, now he wants to lift ban on offensive military dating to 1945