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PBC News & Comment: Tech Titan No-Shows at Obama’s Stanford Cyberconference

Obama visits Leland Stanford’s Farm to talk about cybersecurity, in a conference boycotted by top techies from Google, Yahoo, Facebook…

--yesterday, I slammed NY Times for “burying the lede” on Obama’s secret war in Afghanistan—they corrected it in Friday’s print edition—anyone care?

--FBI Director Comey offers candid comments about cops and race, ignores the failed drug war as major cause of tensions, mass incarceration

--Comey also made no mention of the phony “domestic terrorism” cases brought by “Justice” Dept, like Eric McDavid, who explains the role of his paid FBI informer that got him a 20-year sentence…hear the interview here 

--Oregon’s Dem Gov. Kitzhaber faces mounting calls to resign

--Congress actually did something, as Obama signs bill to reduce suicides by veterans

--grandstanding continues, as tipsy John Boehner stages meaningless “signing” ceremony for Keystone bill, which Obama should veto

--on the Hill, hawks and chickenhawks pick at Obama’s war powers proposal

--Sen. Bernie Sanders says he will boycott Netanyahu speech, an important step in separating himself from Zionist extremists

--Ebola fear in US recedes as US troops are recalled from Africa and White House czar steps down

--leadership crisis in Argentina as President Kirchner faces coverup charges following mysterious death of prosecutor

--Japan’s conservative prime minister restarted nuke plants, now he wants to lift ban on offensive military dating to 1945