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Anti-Nuke Activist David Eisenstein Launches MonstahPAC

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David Eisenstein is a southern California attorney who has been active in the shutdown and cleanup of the San Onofre nuclear complex, and he has started a progressive network called MonstahPAC.Eisenstein explains his own political odyssey, which has led him to join the successful effort to shut down the twin reactors at San Onofre; he continues the fight to clean up the spent fuel and protect it from a Fukushima event or terrorist attack.

He makes the case that progressives must be “on the playing field” framed by the Citizens United decision, and his MonstahPAC is intended to take on the right’s big money from Koch Bros. and Karl Rove’s Crossroads.

While his intentions are good, your humble host challenges the notion that the proper response to “bad guys with money” is “good guys with money”.  And Eisenstein’s core issues and proposals are fairly limited at this point.

You can get info and feed the Monstah here.