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PBC News & Comment: Court Joins Power Struggle Over Immigration–Showdown Dead Ahead!

Showdown looms as federal court freezes Obama’s executive orders on immigration and House threatens Homeland Security shutdown at month’s end….

--in response to beheadings in Libya by fighters sporting Daesh flag, Egypt bombs Libya and urges the West to join the fun

--America’s intel spin machine hypes the threat posed by IS, even as media note that Libyan fighters use “opportunistic rebranding” under IS umbrella

--GOP still stoking embers of Benghazi investigation, a blatant effort aimed at hurting Hillary and raising money

--cartoonist was target in Copenhagen attack, Ecuador sanctions political cartoonist; Prof. Bart Beaty, expert on Charlie Hebdo and cartoons, will join us soon

--desperate young Gazans jump fence into Israeli prisons, seeking any way out of their open air lockup

--one cause may be water supply is scarce, tainted following Israeli attacks on pipeline

--more details emerge about CIA’s destruction of Saddam’s expired chemical weapons and failure to protect troops involved

--NSA reportedly is bracing for new round of leaks

--bomb train derails in W. Virginia, at least 7 tankers catch fire

--after surprising drop, gas prices rocket upward by 50 cents per gallon in California

--Obama sends Labor Secretary to try to end West Coast dock slowdown