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PBC News & Comment: New Oregon Gov. Kate Brown Kissed a Girl, and Liked It

Oregon swears in new Gov. Kate Brown, first openly bisexual governor, following scandal that led to resignation of John Kitzhaber....

--too little, too late, White House convenes conference on changing hearts and minds of Islamic radicals with non-military approaches

--VICE reports on Mercy Corps study that says injustice is main driver of radicalization, not economics

--Daily Telegraph reports that US and Turkey have reached deal to enable “moderate Syrian rebels” to call in air strike targets

--Kiev forces retreat from Debaltseve, avoiding hostage situation, with many killed as they ran gauntlet to escape

--Greeks continue negotiation over austerity with European ministers

--Netanyahu faces election scandal over lavish lifestyle

--At The Intercept, Peter Maass recounts the trial and conviction of State Dept official Stephen Kim for leaking to Fox reporter James Rosen

--White House vows quick appeal of trial court’s freeze on executive orders about immigration enforcement, but GOP can claim a win for now

--Congress banned Gitmo prisoners from US soil, but Chicago is soiled by cop who tortured residents, then took his extreme tactics to Guantanamo, reports Spencer Ackerman