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PBC News & Comment: New Oregon Gov. Kate Brown Kissed a Girl, and Liked It

Oregon swears in new Gov. Kate Brown, first openly bisexual governor, following scandal that led to resignation of John Kitzhaber….

–too little, too late, White House convenes conference on changing hearts and minds of Islamic radicals with non-military approaches

–VICE reports on Mercy Corps study that says injustice is main driver of radicalization, not economics

–Daily Telegraph reports that US and Turkey have reached deal to enable “moderate Syrian rebels” to call in air strike targets

–Kiev forces retreat from Debaltseve, avoiding hostage situation, with many killed as they ran gauntlet to escape

–Greeks continue negotiation over austerity with European ministers

–Netanyahu faces election scandal over lavish lifestyle

–At The Intercept, Peter Maass recounts the trial and conviction of State Dept official Stephen Kim for leaking to Fox reporter James Rosen

–White House vows quick appeal of trial court’s freeze on executive orders about immigration enforcement, but GOP can claim a win for now

–Congress banned Gitmo prisoners from US soil, but Chicago is soiled by cop who tortured residents, then took his extreme tactics to Guantanamo, reports Spencer Ackerman