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PBC News & Comment: Washington Reality Matches Fictional ‘House of Cards’

Perfect timing: Netflix drops 3rd season of House of Cards as Congress, CPAC display many elements of our broken government…

–GOP leaders infantilize DC residents in attempt to block voter-approved marijuana decriminalization

–second day coverage of Jihadi John story brings some new information, along with lots of pro-government bias

–at Pando, War Nerd Gary Brecher offers smug takedown of Jihadi John, the poor little rich kid

–in the cradle of civilization, IS dumps the cradle and destroys history and relics in Mosul as it takes hundreds of Assyrian Christians hostage

–obscure group in Egypt challenges Sisi’s police state, sets off 6 bombs in Giza

–in excerpt from our in-depth interview, former Guantanamo guard Joseph Hickman explains that Gitmo is “America’s battle lab” and a death camp with human medical experimentation

–Shahid Buttar of BORDC arrested at Senate hearing after calling DNI Clapper a perjurer

–at VICE, Jason Leopold reports on heavily redacted Pentagon memo assessing impact of Snowden disclosures

–45,000 have signed petition calling for impeachment of federal Judge Mark Fuller.  You can sign here.

–for-profit college operator Corinthian faces “debt strike” by students who have big loans, worthless academic records

–Leonard Nimoy of Star Trek fame dies at 83