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PBC News & Comment: When Zionists Fight Each Other

Netanyahu drives wedge in US-Israel relations in bid for reelection advantage, American leaders scramble for cover; few minds will change….

–in NY Times op-ed, Roger Cohen attacks Netanyahu from his right, for stifling lawsuit by Americans in an apparent favor to China

–at Jerusalem Post, Sen. Feinstein quoted: Netanyahu “arrogant”, doesn’t speak for me”

–Israel National News relays Kuwaiti news report that Obama threatened to shoot down Israeli jets if Netanyahu attacked Iran in 2014

–Obama campaign whiz Jeremy Bird is working for Netanyahu’s opponent

–al Jazeera notes 5 things Bibi won’t mention, Facebook displays both sides

–Noam Chomsky and others slam Israel’s hypocrisy on its own nuclear weapons, which we pretend is a classified secret

–BS detectors sound as Netanyahu tells AIPAC, “No disrespect intended”

–spectacular execution in front of Kremlin of Boris Nemstov sparks speculation from all sides as Putin promises to run the investigation

–House fight over DHS funding shows huge divide in GOP, Dems played strong defense but used hyped fearmongering to hammer Repubs

–Boston appeals court denies change of venue for Tsarnaev, WhoWhatWhy video shows extreme bias by Boston media

–Todashev family sues FBI for $30 million in wrongful death during Florida interrogation

–in offensive legal arguments, City of Cleveland blames 12-year-old Tamir Rice for his death by police bullets

–US says it will deport 150 Bosnian immigrants over war crimes, and Dick Cheney is still at large

–NJ Gov. Christie lubricates his scheme to be president with $8 billion gift to ExxonMobil