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PBC News & Comment: Bully in the Pulpit

Netanyahu’s doomsday speech to Congress once again demands that US put interests of Israel’s extreme government ahead of our own…

–55 Dems, including Sens. Warren and Franken, boycott the spectacle

–with Bibi’s distraction in full play, Boehner quietly announces GOP surrender in the staged battle over immigration enforcement and DHS funding

–in outrageous plea deal, “Justice” Dept. gives David Petraeus slap on the wrist for sharing classified info with his mistress/biographer

–British tabloid details Pentagon report that finds dishonesty at all levels of US Army

–whistleblower Ed Snowden has started talks with “Justice” about returning to US to face trial

–RT reports German investigation of NSA spying is being blocked by Britain

–while secretary of state, Hillary Clinton only used a private email address, allowing her to control the release in violation of standard practices

–new Pentagon chief Ashton Carton offers happy-talk embrace of IS strategy, including the myth of training “moderate” rebel fights that we can control

–important cases heard at Supreme Court on redistricting and Obamacare this week

The Guardian’s Spencer Ackerman continues to expose long running violations by Chicago police, and massive settlements to victims

–Sunday’s NY Times had lengthy expose of brutality by guards at Attica prison, and Monday they accepted plea deals

–in Iran, jailed Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian has been allowed to hire a lawyer

–California GOP finally gives official recognition to gay caucus, Log Cabin Republicans