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PBC News & Comment: Bully in the Pulpit

Netanyahu’s doomsday speech to Congress once again demands that US put interests of Israel’s extreme government ahead of our own…

--55 Dems, including Sens. Warren and Franken, boycott the spectacle

--with Bibi’s distraction in full play, Boehner quietly announces GOP surrender in the staged battle over immigration enforcement and DHS funding

--in outrageous plea deal, “Justice” Dept. gives David Petraeus slap on the wrist for sharing classified info with his mistress/biographer

--British tabloid details Pentagon report that finds dishonesty at all levels of US Army

--whistleblower Ed Snowden has started talks with “Justice” about returning to US to face trial

--RT reports German investigation of NSA spying is being blocked by Britain

--while secretary of state, Hillary Clinton only used a private email address, allowing her to control the release in violation of standard practices

--new Pentagon chief Ashton Carton offers happy-talk embrace of IS strategy, including the myth of training “moderate” rebel fights that we can control

--important cases heard at Supreme Court on redistricting and Obamacare this week

--The Guardian’s Spencer Ackerman continues to expose long running violations by Chicago police, and massive settlements to victims

--Sunday’s NY Times had lengthy expose of brutality by guards at Attica prison, and Monday they accepted plea deals

--in Iran, jailed Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian has been allowed to hire a lawyer

--California GOP finally gives official recognition to gay caucus, Log Cabin Republicans