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PBC News & Comment: Obama Should Call 47 GOP Senators “Traitors”

Senate GOP’s unprecedented interference in Iran negotiations is risky, treasonous move driven by crazy idealogues seeking more wars…

--Iran’s lead negotiator slams GOP tactics, and offers some lessons on international law

--lead author of poison letter, freshman Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas speaks to group of defense contractors today

--signaling failure of unity government, Palestinian Authority arrests 100 Hamas, Islamic Jihad supporters

--7 days before Israeli election, NY Times runs profile of Isaac Herzog, who could beat Netanyahu

--NY Times also analyzes Elizabeth Warren’s prospects in a presidential run in 2016

--Snowden docs show CIA has been trying to hack Apple devices for 10 years

--Wikipedia to NSA: stop spying on our users!

--in Guardian op-ed, Chelsea Manning says American torturers must face the law

--Germany files war crimes charges against Bush, Cheney etal

brought by Michael Ratner’s European Center for Constitutional Rights

--US Supreme Court rejects two appeals from Guantanamo

--Obama announces sanctions on Venezuelans, citing “national security threat”

--unarmed, naked black man shot by cops near Atlanta

--in Boston bomber trial, FBI fumbles evidence