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PBC News & Comment: Obama Should Call 47 GOP Senators “Traitors”

Senate GOP’s unprecedented interference in Iran negotiations is risky, treasonous move driven by crazy idealogues seeking more wars…

–Iran’s lead negotiator slams GOP tactics, and offers some lessons on international law

–lead author of poison letter, freshman Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas speaks to group of defense contractors today

–signaling failure of unity government, Palestinian Authority arrests 100 Hamas, Islamic Jihad supporters

–7 days before Israeli election, NY Times runs profile of Isaac Herzog, who could beat Netanyahu

NY Times also analyzes Elizabeth Warren’s prospects in a presidential run in 2016

–Snowden docs show CIA has been trying to hack Apple devices for 10 years

–Wikipedia to NSA: stop spying on our users!

–in Guardian op-ed, Chelsea Manning says American torturers must face the law

–Germany files war crimes charges against Bush, Cheney etal

brought by Michael Ratner’s European Center for Constitutional Rights

–US Supreme Court rejects two appeals from Guantanamo

–Obama announces sanctions on Venezuelans, citing “national security threat”

–unarmed, naked black man shot by cops near Atlanta

–in Boston bomber trial, FBI fumbles evidence