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PBC News & Comment: Reaction to Indiana’s New Intolerance Law is Swift, Broad

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence ducks and dodges questions about discrimination enabled by “religious freedom” law as Hoosiers face boycotts, criticism….

–timing and intensity of the response is interesting, as more than a dozen states have similar laws, and Clinton signed a similar federal law in 1993 allowing Indians to use peyote

–more curious timing: Pence violates his own religious values by approving needle exchange in tiny Austin, Indiana, site of an HIV outbreak among (presumably straight) opioid abusers

–8 years ago this week, Rep. Mike Pence toured Bagdhad with John McCain to tell us a market area was safe; the very next day, 21 people were killed there

–US and Iran are now negotiating in the media, as deadline nears and sabotage efforts intensify

–NSA guards shoot two men dressed as women who tried to ram through checkpoint at Ft. Meade, one killed

–using no Ed Snowden documents, AP reveals that top NSA brass wanted to kill metadata collection even before Snowden, because it’s not worth the expense and public distrust

–another DEA agent and another secret service agent arrested for allegedly stealing bitcoins during Silk Road investigation

–Arab League plans joint military force, offering short-term benefit to US, with long-term risk

–Martin O’Malley opposes dynasty politics in general, but can’t find the words to link Hillary

–Trevor Noah, who has made only 3 appearances on The Daily Show, will succeed Jon Stewart