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PBC News & Comment: Reaction to Indiana’s New Intolerance Law is Swift, Broad

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence ducks and dodges questions about discrimination enabled by “religious freedom” law as Hoosiers face boycotts, criticism….

--timing and intensity of the response is interesting, as more than a dozen states have similar laws, and Clinton signed a similar federal law in 1993 allowing Indians to use peyote

--more curious timing: Pence violates his own religious values by approving needle exchange in tiny Austin, Indiana, site of an HIV outbreak among (presumably straight) opioid abusers

--8 years ago this week, Rep. Mike Pence toured Bagdhad with John McCain to tell us a market area was safe; the very next day, 21 people were killed there

--US and Iran are now negotiating in the media, as deadline nears and sabotage efforts intensify

--NSA guards shoot two men dressed as women who tried to ram through checkpoint at Ft. Meade, one killed

--using no Ed Snowden documents, AP reveals that top NSA brass wanted to kill metadata collection even before Snowden, because it’s not worth the expense and public distrust

--another DEA agent and another secret service agent arrested for allegedly stealing bitcoins during Silk Road investigation

--Arab League plans joint military force, offering short-term benefit to US, with long-term risk

--Martin O’Malley opposes dynasty politics in general, but can’t find the words to link Hillary

--Trevor Noah, who has made only 3 appearances on The Daily Show, will succeed Jon Stewart