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PBC News & Comment: In Iran Talks, Too Many Cooks Try to Spoil the Broth

NY Times says negotiations may be extended, The Guardian says “vague declaration” may be issued as Iran talks go past deadline….

–Saudis, under new king, make aggressive moves against Iran in Yemen and Syria, warn US about Iraq

–Saudis also slam Russia for supporting Assad in Syria

–Saudi forces blockade Yemen’s port city, Aden, as air strikes continue

–Iran claims two of its advisors were killed by US drones near Tikrit

–in Afghanistan, resurgence of heroin poppy crops yields half billion dollar mercenary deal for Academi, formerly Blackwater

–in Nigeria, it’s “goodnight and Goodluck Jonathan” as former military ruler Buhari wins election

–in Boston bomber trial, prosecution rests and WhoWhatWhy continues to ask the key questions

–anti-dark money activist groups tweak SEC boss with new campaign, “Where is Mary Jo White?

–at Bradblog, Judge Mark Fuller’s lawyer pleads his case in the blogosphere and smears Fuller’s wife over abuse claim

–Jon Stewart’s designated successor, Trevor Noah, draws instant fire for tweets considered offensive

–weird Bay Area kidnap case leaves cops confused, as “real criminals” take responsibility in emails, defending victims