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PBC News & Comment: Iran Talks Extended for 2 Days

In Iran talks, arbitrary deadline is extended by 2 days as conflicting accounts suggest progress is being made in Switzerland….

–Russia’s Lavrov says a deal is within reach, as other diplomats continue negotiations

–Palestine officially joins International Criminal Court, but its ability to seek justice is limited by many factors

–US lifts hold on arms shipments to Egypt, despite the 2013 coup and US human rights law

–Thai general who took control in May 2014 coup claims sweeping powers

–US governors in the news:

–Arkansas’ Neanderthal governor, Asa Hutchinson, tries to fix his new religious discrimination law before signing it, as Walmart and other companies object

–Indiana’s Mike Pence asks his legislature to clarify the law he says is not discriminatory

–Arizona governor Doug Ducey signs a doozy of a bill into law, requiring doctors to tell women that pharmaceutical abortion is reversible

–on snowless Sierra peak, California Gov. Jerry Brown announces 25% reduction in water use, with penalties

–in Colorado, state officials scramble to avoid refunding $60 million in marijuana tax revenue

–defense rests in Boston bomber trial, jury will get the case next week

–Interior Dept. approves Shell Oil’s lease in Alaska’s Chuckchi Sea

–Rev. Billy reports that all charges have been dropped after his recent arrest for preaching in public in NYC