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PBC News & Comment: Threats to US are “an illusion”

In Boston Globe op-ed, Stephen Kinzer rejects “full spectrum dominance” and “security psychosis” that leads to wars aimed at nonexistent threats….

Read Kinzer’s commentary here

--Senate Foreign Relations Committee approves bill to give Congress “review” of Iran nuclear deal

--Washington Post slams Iran for “Kafkaesque restrictions” on jailed reporter Jason Rezaian’s espionage trial

--Iraqi prime minister Hadi meets Obama at White House to demand more air strikes and weapons to “finish IS”

--US military trainers are shocked at the weak state of Iraqi forces

--former Blackwater mercenaries draw stiff sentences for Nisour Square massacre

--Chicago offers $5 million settlement to victims of police torture, Emmanuel denies abuse at Homan Square

--Elton John and Michael Stipe co-sign op-ed exposing rape and abuse of transgender prisoners

--as you scramble to file your taxes, undocumented immigrants paid $12 billion for your benefit

--in Tennessee, 90,000 have licenses suspended, compounding poverty

--angry judge slams convicted teachers and administrators with long sentences for test cheating

--Pope Francis calls slaughter of Armenians “genocide” and Turkey gets pissed

--following HBO showing of “Going Clear”, director Alex Gibney calls for ending Scientology’s tax exemption

--crooner Percy Sledge dies at age 74