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PBC News & Comment: Threats to US are “an illusion”

In Boston Globe op-ed, Stephen Kinzer rejects “full spectrum dominance” and “security psychosis” that leads to wars aimed at nonexistent threats….

Read Kinzer’s commentary here

–Senate Foreign Relations Committee approves bill to give Congress “review” of Iran nuclear deal

–Washington Post slams Iran for “Kafkaesque restrictions” on jailed reporter Jason Rezaian’s espionage trial

–Iraqi prime minister Hadi meets Obama at White House to demand more air strikes and weapons to “finish IS”

–US military trainers are shocked at the weak state of Iraqi forces

–former Blackwater mercenaries draw stiff sentences for Nisour Square massacre

–Chicago offers $5 million settlement to victims of police torture, Emmanuel denies abuse at Homan Square

–Elton John and Michael Stipe co-sign op-ed exposing rape and abuse of transgender prisoners

–as you scramble to file your taxes, undocumented immigrants paid $12 billion for your benefit

–in Tennessee, 90,000 have licenses suspended, compounding poverty

–angry judge slams convicted teachers and administrators with long sentences for test cheating

–Pope Francis calls slaughter of Armenians “genocide” and Turkey gets pissed

–following HBO showing of “Going Clear”, director Alex Gibney calls for ending Scientology’s tax exemption

–crooner Percy Sledge dies at age 74