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PBC News & Comment: Spooks Fight to Maintain Domestic Surveillance

With Patriot Act expiring at end of May, FBI, NSA lobby to keep dragnet surveillance of millions of innocent Americans…
--new NSA boss Mike Rogers tells tech giants: I don’t want a back door, I want a front door”

--Google faces antitrust investigation in Europe

--unidentified woman in Silicon Valley tells the males who run it : “it’s not us, it’s you” in Tableflip manifesto, here

--Senate Dems collude with Repubs to muscle into Iran deal, but new rules seem to favor Obama

--in rare 92-8 vote, Senate ends its 17-year annual ritual of rescuing Medicare cuts to doctors

--survey shows 9 of 10 adults now have health insurance

--drone strike in Yemen kills AQAP leader who spent time at Gitmo

--new wave of refugees wash up in Italy and Libya
--new report from Human Rights Watch exposes exploitation of child labor in Israeli-occupied West Bank
--Obama formally announces removal of Cuba from terrorism list
--volunteer cop who killed black man will face charges, as his “I thought it was my Taser” story is challenged
--Nestle’s license to steal water in California expired in 1988