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PBC News & Comment: Spooks Fight to Maintain Domestic Surveillance

With Patriot Act expiring at end of May, FBI, NSA lobby to keep dragnet surveillance of millions of innocent Americans…
–new NSA boss Mike Rogers tells tech giants: I don’t want a back door, I want a front door”

–Google faces antitrust investigation in Europe

–unidentified woman in Silicon Valley tells the males who run it : “it’s not us, it’s you” in Tableflip manifesto, here

–Senate Dems collude with Repubs to muscle into Iran deal, but new rules seem to favor Obama

–in rare 92-8 vote, Senate ends its 17-year annual ritual of rescuing Medicare cuts to doctors

–survey shows 9 of 10 adults now have health insurance

–drone strike in Yemen kills AQAP leader who spent time at Gitmo

–new wave of refugees wash up in Italy and Libya
–new report from Human Rights Watch exposes exploitation of child labor in Israeli-occupied West Bank
–Obama formally announces removal of Cuba from terrorism list
–volunteer cop who killed black man will face charges, as his “I thought it was my Taser” story is challenged
–Nestle’s license to steal water in California expired in 1988