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PBC News & Comment: Sen. Bob Graham Continues Fight to Release 9/11 Saudi Memo

Former Senate Intel chair Bob Graham politely demands full disclosure of 28-page Saudi memo….will we ever know?

--in our Processing Distortion podcast, Sen. Graham presses for full release of contested memo

--Sen. Ron Wyden and Sen. Orrin Hatch engineer bill to put the brakes on super secret TPP trade deal

--in DC, Iraq’s Prime Minister Abadi goes off-script, slams Saudi military intervention in Yemen, worries Iraq could be nest

--Ohio man accused of training with IS and returning to stage attacks

--media note: former Clear Channel radio exec Darryl Parks explains that sale of land and radio towers puts AM radio “on death row”

--Episcopal leaders to vote on boycott of Israel

--Pope Francis rescues American nuns from inquisition launched by his predecessor

--100 prominent San Francisco Catholics sign ad asking Pope to replace divisive archbishop

--Sen. Boxer blasts NRC over Diablo Canyon nuke plant, says “heads should roll”

--California drought is a fish fry—Delta Smelt and sardine stocks are dwindling, may never recover

--California state senator's bill to force vaccinations on all kids stalls after strong protests

--federal judge in Sacramento declines to rule that marijuana should be reclassified