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PBC News & Comment: FBI is Out of Control, Beyond Oversight

Loretta Lynch sworn in as attorney general, as new evidence arises almost daily that FBI’s gone rogue, seems invulnerable to critics, reformers

–Russ Baker reports that top FBI official tried to intimidate former Sen. Bob Graham regarding 9/11 Saudi memo

–FBI agent’s sniper rifle was stolen from heavily secured car parked near FBI office in salt Lake City, just days before Obama visit in April

–in an excerpt from our conversation with Shahid Buttar of the Bill of Rights Defense Committee, we talk about the new attorney general and suggest that she rein in the FBI

–following Obama’s admission that our drones killed Americans, official Washington circles the wagons, spins up the “benefits”

SF Chronicle reports that artificial intelligence advances, tied to armed drones and robots, would lead to wars without human fighters, just human casualties

–on CBS, 60 Minutes gives 2 segments to threats of space war, as official leakers tell us that China can shoot down satellites, penetrate deep space

–at Adelson pro-Israel forum for GOP presidential candidates, George W. Bush slams Obama for executing Bush’s Iraq withdrawal plan

–Joe Lauria reports in Wall Street Journal that Yemen peace deal was in reach until Saudis started bombing

–in Baltimore, thousands gather for Freddie Gray’s funeral, amid gang threats against cops

–former California legislator Tom Hayden calls on Gov. Jerry Brown to replace ineffective agency that fails to regulate oil and gas drilling, fracking