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PBC News & Comment: FBI is Out of Control, Beyond Oversight

Loretta Lynch sworn in as attorney general, as new evidence arises almost daily that FBI’s gone rogue, seems invulnerable to critics, reformers

--Russ Baker reports that top FBI official tried to intimidate former Sen. Bob Graham regarding 9/11 Saudi memo

--FBI agent’s sniper rifle was stolen from heavily secured car parked near FBI office in salt Lake City, just days before Obama visit in April

--in an excerpt from our conversation with Shahid Buttar of the Bill of Rights Defense Committee, we talk about the new attorney general and suggest that she rein in the FBI

--following Obama’s admission that our drones killed Americans, official Washington circles the wagons, spins up the “benefits”

--SF Chronicle reports that artificial intelligence advances, tied to armed drones and robots, would lead to wars without human fighters, just human casualties

--on CBS, 60 Minutes gives 2 segments to threats of space war, as official leakers tell us that China can shoot down satellites, penetrate deep space

--at Adelson pro-Israel forum for GOP presidential candidates, George W. Bush slams Obama for executing Bush’s Iraq withdrawal plan

--Joe Lauria reports in Wall Street Journal that Yemen peace deal was in reach until Saudis started bombing

--in Baltimore, thousands gather for Freddie Gray’s funeral, amid gang threats against cops

--former California legislator Tom Hayden calls on Gov. Jerry Brown to replace ineffective agency that fails to regulate oil and gas drilling, fracking