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PBC News & Comment: Freddy’s Dead, Baltimore Riots

Curtis Mayfield’s 1972 hit “Freddie’s Dead” reminds us that drug war and abusive police have changed little in 40+ years….

–national guard patrols streets as curfew is imposed

–gang members deny plot to kill cops, as reported yesterday

–in new book, Bill Clinton admits that while he was president, we “put too many people in prison”

–Supreme Court hears oral arguments on marriage equality, another issue that was badly handled by Clinton

–radical GOP senators try new amendments to undermine peace talks with Iran

–cat and mouse navy game underway between Iran and US in Persian Gulf

–more US money goes missing in Afghanistan, this time it’s only $1.3 billion

–Sweden’s top court agrees to hear appeal from Julian Assange

–PEN, group that advocates for writers’ freedoms, tries to honor Charlie Hebdo for free expression while denouncing what’s been expressed; Glenn Greenwald comments

–your “smart tv” hears verbal commands, and everything else said in front of it…new law tries to prevent spying

–as trial of Batman movie theater shooter James Holmes gets underway, media scrubs “Batman” from the coverage