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PBC News & Comment: Bernie Sanders Will Enter Democratic Presidential Race

Vermont’s socialist senator will make it official, he’s running for president as a Democrat, offering strong challenge to Hillary Clinton...

--on the day after Bill Clinton’s criticism of his own mass incarceration legacy, Hillary echoes him in campaign speech

--Mumia Abu Jamal, well-known victim of racist system, is near death due to botched medical care; the video report is here

--Long Beach cop killed unarmed Latino last week, and denied mom an ambulance ride with her dying son

--former Guantanamo prisoners released to Uruguay are protesting their situation at the US embassy

--like Nixon’s secret war in Cambodia, Obama’s running a war in Afghanistan that’s enabled by Americans’ indifference

--mis-tweet from Twitter causes its $7 billion drop in its value

--as “Louie Louie” singer dies, we dive into the FBI file on the agency’s hilarious efforts to decipher the lyrics.  Here's a scan of a report from the FBI Labs.