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Brilliant Reporter Pepe Escobar Updates the Yemen War and Much More

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Globetrotting journalist Pepe Escobar joins us from Paris, offering informed offshore perspectives on Mediterranean refugees, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran and more.Escobar, who publishes at Asia Times, RT, Counterpunch, Sputnik and TomDispatch, is the author of Empire of Chaos, which is the bonus gift for new annual subscribers here.

In our wide-ranging conversation, we start with the waves of refugees attempting to cross the Mediterranean to Europe to escape the conflicts in north Africa and the mideast.  We talk about the mess in Yemen, and Joe Lauria’s report this week that the Saudi air strikes that started in late March killed a peace process that was very close to t deal.  You can hear my new interview with Lauria here.

Escobar notes the royal shuffle in the House of Saud this week, and comments on their rivalry with Iran and growing distance from the US.

We also talk about Syria and Iraq, and the lack of clear mission and goals on the part of the US.  We touch on Obama’s not-so-secret continuation of American combat in Afghanistan, and the “whatever” response by most Americans.

Escobar talks about China’s growing influence, and the “new Silk Road” that unites Russia and others against the US.  And he describes Obama’s Trans Pacific Partnership deal as “NATO on trade”.